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Learn to Play Strip Poker

Demonstration videos of strip poker!

Here we now have some demo videos of strip poker, so most of you learn to play strip poker once and for all! The rules are quite simple just play until no clothes, do not believe? Now see in the videos below that will give you some examples that you can try later at home with your "girlfriends"!

Strip Poker Videos

Warning: These videos are intended only to people over 18 years old!


1 - Strip Poker with Calista:


In this video we can observe a game of strip poker with a brunette girl called Calista , and we do not know nothing more because as you can see she is not much of conversations, undressing is more her thing!:)

Strip-Poker - Calista por BeachBlog2012

Video I: "Strip Poker with Calista"

2 - Strip Poker with Inga:


Here you can play strip poker with a russian girl called Inga:


SexyBabe Inga - Strip-Poker por BeachBlog2012

Video II: "Strip Poker with Inga "



3 - Promotional video of strip poker from Easter:


Here is a promotional video of strip poker with two Easter bunnies;


Video Strip Poker Easter Bunnies teaser por Torquemada_Games

Video III: "Promotional strip poker video from Easter"


4 - Amateur game of strip poker:


In this video we see a girl taking off her clothes as a result of a game of strip poker .


Girl loses at Strip Poker por Helmhood

Video IV: "Amateur game of strip poker"



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