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The game of poker and striptease

Poker + Striptease = Strip Poker!

The strip poker has become transverse worldwide , from Texas , Paris , Sydney , strip poker is a constant , well fortunately nowadays all over the world we can see the most beautiful girls playing poker in " topless " and " bottomless " ! You don´t believe in me ? See it ....

Strip Poker in Topless and Bottomless

Warning: These videos are intended only to people over 18 years old!


1 - Strip poker amateur tournament in a bar in Paris:


Here we see a very exciting strip poker tournament in a French bar somewhere in Paris:


Paris Derniere - Strip poker por a-kid13

Video I: "Strip Poker in Paris"



2 - Game of strip poker between 4 friends:


The video that follows brings us a game of strip poker between two girls and two boys in which the girls clearly win ....


Strip poker game por hjen2010

Video II: "Strip poker game between four friends"



3 - Strip poker videoclip I:


Here is a video clip of strip poker with background music and a deck of cards....


Strip Poker por gregdyz54

Video III: "Video clip of strip poker I"


4 - Strip poker videoclip in September 2012:


This video has nothing to do with strip poker, but we like it so much we decided to put it here the same way, since after all a good striptease is always worth to see...


Strip sexy september 2012 por lerudzdedief

Video IV: "Video clip of strip poker II"



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