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Other games of striptease

The most varied games of striptease!

Besides the game of strip poker there is a huge amount of games that do not involve striptease poker directly , but in which the players must also take their clothes off when they lose, so for those who do not know there are other games to play besides poker in which you can also take the clothes of your girlfriends and get to see the girls completely naked!

List of striptease games

Warning: These videos are intended only to people over 18 years old!


1 - Basketball game of striptease :


Playing strip tease with basketball is very simple , as seen in this video the girls tried to to put the basket ball in the basket , and and at every point scored the girl had to take off one of the pieces of clothes the other girls :


Video I: "Striptease basketball game"


2 - Striptease game with dice:


Playing strip tease with dice is also quite easy, in this game 4 girlfriends threw dice and the girl that obtained the lowest score had to take her clothes off:


Video II: "Strip tease game with dice"


3 - Playing striptease with the "Rock Paper Scissor" game:


It is also possible to play striptease with the game "rock,paper, scissor " do not believe it? See the video below :


Video III: "Striptease with the "Rock Paper Scissor" game part I"

Video IV: "Striptease with the "Rock Paper Scissor" game part II"


4 - Striptease game with 4-In-A-Row :


Still remember playing 4-In-A-Row ? Well this is another game that can be used to play a game of strip :


Vídeo V: "Striptease game with 4-In-A-Row"


5 - Playing striptease with twister :


I confess I've never been a fan of the game of twister but if I already knew that it could be so fun I would had already played it :


Video VI: "Playing striptease with twister"


6 - Playing striptease with darts :


The game of darts has always been a very dangerous game because it is played with arrows very " sharp " and they can hit you , in this game when the girl failed to hit the target she had to take her clothes off :


Video VII: "Playing striptease with darts"


7 - Striptease game of memory :


This game of striptease is based on memorizing the value and position of a card, and when the girl makes a mistake she will have to take off her clothes:


Video VIII: " Striptease game of memory"

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