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Babes playing strip poker !

The hottest girls playing strip poker!

The most beautiful girls in the world and best strip poker tournaments are here, this set of videos shows and gives the knowledge of what is the game of strip poker in its most basic and pure beautiful form!

The best videos of strip poker

Warning: These videos are intended only to people over 18 years old!


1 - Strip Poker ( 4 babes vs 1 man ) :


This video depicts a game of strip poker somewhere in the 80s or 90s , in which a brave player is faced with four girls in an awsome game of poker , see for yourself how he sweats during the game ....


Strip Poker - 4 girls v 1 guy por auxilia

Video I: Strip Poker ( 4 babes vs 1 man )"



2 - Strip poker with Roxanne:


Here we play strip poker with the beautiful Roxanne, although she is not much of a talking person as we can see....


Strip-Poker - Sexy Roxanne por BeachBlog2012

Video II: "Strip poker with Roxanne"



3 - Strip poker blind date:


Here we have a blind date between a boy and a girl in which they play a game of strip poker, and the winner turns out to be the boy with a triple and so obviously the girl has to take off all of her clothes ...


Blind Date strip poker por vegas_999

Video III: "Strip poker blind date"


4 - Russian TV contest of strip poker:


Here we can observe a russian television contest of strip poker, in which the presenter takes literally the clothes of the girls....


Strip poker téléviser por greenwolf7

Video IV: "Russian TV contest of strip poker part I"


Strip Poker- Morena Con Gafas por malamgir46

Video V: "Russian TV contest of strip poker part II"



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